Established in 1984, ASP Avionics has grown to be a leading Avionics Repair and Installation facility with over 30 years of experience in general aviation Avionics and instruments. 

By choosing ASP Avionics you will get quality minded service with a trusted history. We are both an EASA and FAA part 145 certified Maintenance Organization, with a highly skilled and motivated staff.

We can assist you with avionics and instrument troubleshooting on aircraft, testing, bench repairs, overhauls, certifications and installations of all kinds of equipment such as: navigation, communication, transponders, GPS, DME’s, radars, autopilots, EFIS, traffic systems,…..etc .

ASP Avionics’ quality of work is unmatched. Equipped with technically advanced tools and equipment, we have the capability to create custom installations, individually designed for your aircraft.

From a single radio to a glass cockpit, our staff are experts in designing your aircraft’s panel. 

In most cases we will even manufacture an entirely new instrument panel to optimize the layout and appearance. 

If your required modification isn't included in our list of EASA Minor Change Approvals, we can always apply for a new approval based on your specific modification. And if required, we can also assist you with the application for a Major Change Approval as well.

To invent an airplane is nothing.
To build one is something.
To fly is everything.



With our mobile service, we offer the possibility to perform most checks and inspections on site.
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As a NiCd and Lead Acid Battery Service Center, we can perform the required checks, repairs and overhauls on most aircraft batteries.

Also, ASP Avionics is the largest Bose Aviation Service Center on the European Mainland.

ASP Avionics is a member of AEA.