ASP Avionics has a well-equipped workshop, in which we maintain, overhaul and repair devices and systems of most well-known manufacturers. We are authorized to service Garmin, Honeywell (Bendix-King), Aspen Avionics, Genesys Aerosystems, L-3 Communications (BFGoodrich), Avidyne, Trig, Becker, f.u.n.k.e., Air Avionics and Mid Continent Instruments, etc.  

ASP Avionics provides the possibility to perform troubleshooting on site, and if necessary, our technicians can remove the device for repair in our workshop. 

Our technicians are experts in their fields, and we maintain good relationships with the manufacturers (OEMs) to stay up-to-date on all topics and to facilitate repair issues.

All repairs performed by ASP Avionics are covered by a 3 month warranty on all replaced components.

Please complete the form, when sending us your defective unit. 

After submission please print the form and include with your repair when shipping to:

ASP Avionics
Vliegplein 2 bus 1
3600 Genk


ASP Avionics is proud to be a Bose Aviation Service Center.
If you experience a problem with your Bose Aviation headset, you can send us your headset for an inspection, and if needed, a repair.
Bose aviation headsets are certified products. Therefore, parts to repair those Aviation certified products are exclusively supplied to Bose FAA and/or EASA certified Aviation Repair Service Centers, not to individual pilots/customers. Nor does Bose allow us to ‘exchange’ parts, cables or headsets.

  1. All Bose aviation headsets are covered by a 5 year warranty for non-abuse malfunctions. 
  2. If your headset is no longer under warranty, we send you a quotation prior to the repair.
  3. Headsets under warranty are repaired and returned as soon as possible. 
  4. Usually the return time is about 1 week.
  5. In case of non-warranty repairs, a quotation for the repair will be send to you by email.
  6. After having received the approval for the repair, our technicians start with the repair, and the final inspection.
  7. As we maintain a strict pre-payment policy, no headsets will be returned prior to having received therepair’s payment. The headset will be returned to the given return address.
  8. We can't accept credit card payments, only wire transfers.

For all inspections and/or repairs:

Please send the headset incl. cable (and, if possible, in the carrying bag), and a detailed fault description to:

ASP Avionics
Vliegplein 2 bus 1
3600 Genk


ASP Avionics is an EASA and FAA approved battery maintenance and repair facility. We service both Nickel Cadmium and Lead Acid batteries (sealed and flooded) from most major aircraft battery manufacturers .

Battery services are:

  1. Regular Check
  2. Deep Cycle
  3. Capacity check
  4. Inspection
  5. Repair/Overhaul